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SEO Rewind Friday – Top SEO Stories for July 16 – 20, 2012


SEO rewind resized 600Welcome to our new weekly segment where we take a look back at the most important happenings and most interesting articles that we find about SEO.  If we missed something be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

Listening to the Web with Google Reader:  A Beginners Guide

This an extremely useful article we found about how to setup a web monitoring dashboard using Google Reader to help SEO’s spot trends in their industry, come up with content ideas, better engage with customers, and keep tabs on what the competition is doing.  It’s a great read and you should put the tactics he teaches into practice right after you read the article.

Google Webmaster Tools:  An Overview

As we all know, Google Webmaster Tools is a must have tool for all SEO’s and Webmasters.  This is actionable information about your website coming from Google themselves, so we better learn how to listen to what they’re telling us.  This is an excellent guide that walks you through all the features in GWT and gives you some ideas on how to act on what you’re seeing.  PRO TIP:  Check out Bing Webmaster Tools also, they’re doing some pretty cool stuff over there.

Google Now Shows You Your Most Recent Links

Google recently added the new option to download your most recent backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools.  This article gives some some screenshots showing you where to find them and what the spreadsheet looks like once you download them.

Official:  Google “Share” Experiment Sends Pages From Search To Google+

Berian Reed, head of search at AutoTrader UK recently spotted the ability of Google+ users to “share” links publicly and with their circles, directly from the search results page.   He shares his screenshotsMaybe this is only in the UK or only seen on certain SERP’s but we were unable to find any examples.  Sean Liu, Google’s Product Manager confirmed the experiment.  So keep your eyes peeled for this option in your SERP’s and take advantage.

Google Ads and the War on Free Clicks

A very informative infographic from the search marketing software company Wordstream, describing how pay per click ads are taking over Google’s Search Engine Results with paid listings getting almost double the amount of clicks as organic listings for keywords with “high commercial intent”.  There are some interesting statistics in here, but with Google ads taking up more and more real estate, I’m not surprised.  Check it out.

Search Engine Satisfaction Dips Slightly; Google & Bing Effectively Tied

Bing has been doing some really cool things lately with their search engine, so Google better watch their back.  This article sums up the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index for search engines and Bing is only 1 point behind Google, although search engine satisfaction is also taken a hit.

Why Link Building Strategies Fail

Awesome article which describes the different reasons why certain link building campaigns fail.  After describing these reasons, the author follows up by showing how to correct these common mistakes and “how to win.”  Great read along with links to valuable resources.

Well that’s it folks, this list will always very in length and number of articles.  We don’t want to stuff it with articles we don’t like just to make it a ten list.  But if we missed a great article on SEO, Google, or search marketing please let us know in the comments below.  See you next week.



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