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Hootsuite Adds All Google+ Pages for Social Media Management


Auto-publishing to Google+ just got easier since Hootsuite integrated Google+ Pages. Now nearly 5 million Google+ users can manage their accounts from Hootsiute.

Last year, Google+ Pages were integrated with Hootsuite, but that was only for 200 Enterprise pages. All Hootsuite users, regardless of whether they are under the Free or Enterprise plan, can manage their Google+ page directly from the dashboard.  This change was motivated by requests from over 12,000 Hootsuite users for Google+ Pages to be added.

“It was painful because obviously we have a lot of users that wanted to use this,” said Hootsuite’s VP of Business Development Greg Gunn. “But it was good tension because it showed a lot of desire to interact between businesses and consumers.”

Thankfully the social media management company complied, making life easier for social media manager everywhere.

In this blog, you’ll learn the definition of auto-publishing, how to add Google+ Pages to your Hootsuite dashboard, and what features are available to you.

What Is Auto-Publishing?

Simply put, auto-publishing is the process of scheduling a message (blog, tweet, or otherwise) to automatically release on certain websites chosen by you. Instead of posting your message manually on each website you want it to circulate, when you use an auto-publishing application such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, it will send your message automatically.

How to Add Google+ Pages to the Hootsuite Dashboard:

  1. Login to your Hootsuite account
  2. Find ‘My Social Networks’
  3. Click ‘+Add a Social Network’

It’s that easy. 

Now that Google+ is added to your dashboard, let’s explore the array of features you can manage directly from Hootsuite.

Publish Messages to Your Circles

google  hootsuite4 resized 600One of the neat things about Google+ is that it allows you to target specific audiences with certain messages by using the Circle filter. Whether you’re posting to certain circles or publicly, Hootsuite allows you to see public user activity and pop-up user profiles and company pages. 

Manage Your Circles

google  hootsuite resized 600In-dash circle management allows you to add, edit or remove circles without ever leaving the simplistic interface of Hootsuite. You can also add or remove individual users from circles.

Measure Your Impact Using Google+ Analytics

google  hootsuite2 resized 600

Google+ provides five in-dash analytic modules to measure results.

  • Daily posts
  • Daily aggregated comments
  • Daily aggregated +1’s
  • Daily aggregated reshares
  • Circle growth

Advanced Search Ability

Monitoring is made-easy now that users can create custom keyword or phrase searches within public posts and specific content streams.

Google+ has remained a contender in the battle for social media dominance. They continue to give users reasons to join their community of 5 million plus and Hootsuite management is only another point in their favor.


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