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How To Boost Holiday Sales Using Inbound Marketing


inbound marketing to boost your holiday sales resized 600How to Boost Holiday Sales Using Inbound Marketing

The holiday season has arrived and it is once again time for millions of shoppers to scour the Internet for holiday sales. Business owners and marketers anxiously wait for this glorious time to unveil their bag of promo offers to the masses. There’s only one problem. Your promotion strategy is outdated and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a dazzling pay per click campaign to drive traffic to your website. Do not fear.

In this blog, we will give you four examples of ways to boost your holiday sales using inbound marketing tactics.

Holiday Gift Card

A great way to position yourself for success this season is to invest in branded, reloadable gift cards. They serve as an easy gift for the shoppers who are not good at choosing personal gifts. But gift cards do not have to be impersonal gifts. Add a personal touch by offering a special greeting card and envelope.

Takeaway: Also, make sure that shoppers can purchase your gift card on your website. Create an individual landing page specifically for your gift card promotion.

Email Marketing Campaign

how to boost holiday sales using inbound marketing

Whether you decide to create a holiday gift card promotion or some other type, you should definitely take a cue from the major retailers and start an aggressive email marketing campaign. If you are like me, your inbox is inundated everyday with emails from Gap, Zara, ASOS, and other stores reminding me of their promotional offers. Not only are these emails provide friendly reminder; they make it easier for shoppers to purchase online by funneling you directly to the sale.

Takeaway: Use Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to design an email newsletter; upload your customers email addresses; segment the list based on buyer frequency; and schedule emails to go out every morning to mid-afternoon. Hit people while they are in their offices with Internet access. Include a special discount code that gives shoppers an added percentage off. You have to generate a buzz about your promotion. Simply sending an email won’t be enough. Create VALUE.

Facebook Ads

Every marketer has an opinion about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) about Facebook ads. Say what you will, but companies are not spending millions in Facebook ads because they are ineffective. Quite the contrary, in fact, marketers who understand how to target audiences properly and choose the right posts to promote are having success with Facebook ads.

Takeaway: Take your promotion design and post it to Facebook using a fun, but informative 1-sentence headline and include a link to the specific landing page where your promotion lives. The key thing to remember about Facebook ads is that you should not post an entire paragraph and expect people to engage with it. Take a cue from Twitter and use minimal characters. The link is also critical, because it allows you to understand what time shoppers clicked on your ad. This information is valuable to you; because it helps you better understand when your fans are on Facebook, so you can post during timeframe in the future. Promote that post for $5-$20 for a couple of days. Monitor the reach carefully. If more “friends of your fans” are engaging, you should create another ad targeting them only and so on and so on.

QR Codes & Free Shipping Offers

Notice more QR codes this season? We sure have. Brands like The Home Depot use QR codes on Christmas trees while others are embedding them in email newsletters. However you decide to integrate a QR code into your holiday promotion, read over our recent blog about QR code usage.

Another way to get shoppers excited about your holiday promotion is to offer free shipping. Shipping and handling costs are a huge deterrent for online shoppers, especially those who are not too keen on the idea of putting their credit card information on the Internet. Online shoppers are sacrificing their privacy and putting their identities at risk by purchasing gifts on your website, so give them something for free in exchange. It’s a simple way to say ‘thank you’ and let them know that you value their business.

Hopefully these tips have given you more ideas about how to boost your holiday sales using an inbound marketing approach. Everything you do should lead shoppers back to your website where the real magic happens. If you need any help, there is still time to get the word out online before December 24. Give us a call!

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