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Top 4 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page for Search Engines


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Contrary to the rumor mill, it is possible to optimize your Facebook Fan Page for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. True enough, you should not expect to see the same type of rich content from your Facebook Fan Page as your website. However, search engines will display more than enough information to funnel people to your fan page with ease. 

Why Optimizing Social Media Is Important

Optimizing social media accounts to rank well in search engines may seem unnecessary to some, but it actually holds a lot of value to social media marketing. The key to remember is that your social media presence should not take the place of your website. It would be quite backwards to think your fan page should be outdoing your website in terms of content. Instead of thinking of these two sites as competing, think of them as complementary. Your Facebook Fan Page should be an extension of your web presence, constantly linking users back to your website and back into the sales funnel.

In this blog, we will provide the top four ways to optimize the search engine optimization of your Facebook fan page. When someone searches for your business Facebook fan page, the search engine automatically pulls up the title tag, meta description, and correlating images.

Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page for Search Engines

1 – Customize Your Vanity URL

Once you have surpassed the threshold of 24 fan page Likes, Facebook allows you to create a shorter, more user-friendly, custom vanity URL (also called a username). Just as with websites, search engines love URLs, so it is best to align it with your business name as much as possible.

On the off chance that someone else already created an unauthorized Facebook page in your business’ name, you can claim that page and any Likes it has, after showing a bit of proof that you are the real business owner.

2 – Status Updates Serve as Meta Descriptions  

While meta descriptions will not help you rank any higher in search engines, they are the information that search engines pull automatically. Meta descriptions are displayed whether you like it or not, so why not leverage it for social media marketing purposes? When it comes to Facebook, the first 18 words of your status update serves as your meta description in search engines. See the example below.

Facebook Fan Page Meta Description

A good practice to follow is to add a link back to your website every time you update your status.

3 – Place Keywords Strategically

Search engines crawl social media sites for keywords the same way they do websites. Although the crawl is not as thorough, Facebook allows search engines to pick up your fan page name, about section, and meta description. It is critical that you pay close attention to these areas to you have high-ranking keywords in these positions. For Facebook fan page search engine optimization purposes, your page name is your SEO title, meta description is your page name and about section, and your heading 1 is your page name.

Remember to keep your about us section brief and to the point. This is not the time or place to list your company’s mission and values. Provide users with the information they need the most – business name, 1 sentence overview, phone number, and address. Local searchers will appreciate your brevity. If they want to find out more information, provide a link to your business website where more in-depth information can be found. 

4 – Choose a Fan Page Name

Last but definitely not least is choosing an appropriate name for your Facebook fan page. While you may want to get creative here, we strongly discourage such behavior in this particular area. The more creative your name is, the more you are contributing to brand confusion. Your fan page name will serve as your SEO title, so it is important to make sure you are being consistent. Use your company name, nothing else. Do not try to stuff keywords behind your company name, because it will not get you anywhere on Facebook or search engines. 

While there are many myths out there about what boost the search engine optimization of your Facebook fan page, you can only be certain about what Google displays in search engine results. We know for a fact that they show these four key elements, so focus your efforts there.




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