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3 Twitter Marketing Mistakes That Lead To Lost Twitter Followers


Twitter marketing mistakes resized 600Twitter marketing is a tricky affair.  There are unspoken rules that need to be followed and respected if your company expects to have an impact in this medium.  Here are 3 twitter marketing mistakes your company should avoid if you want to hold on to your Twitter followers.

1.    Spam-a-thon 

This is something that should go without saying, but many marketers and business people do not understand what constitutes spam in the eyes of consumers. In the world of Twitter, spam can come in many forms, but here are the most committed Twitter spam sins I’ve witnessed in recent weeks.

Automated Direct Messages (DM’s) are perceived by many consumers in the social media marketplace as indicative of spam. Yes, Twitter provides this feature as a part of their service. No, you do not have to use this feature just because it’s available. If someone decided to follow you, they did so because they are interested in what you have to say. There’s no need to send an impersonal or personal (creepy) automated DM thanking them for following you or leading them to your website.

Because Twitter allows you to follow only those you want to see in your timeline on a daily basis, there’s an extra ‘personal’ element associated with this site. People take it personally when they’re subjected to direct spamming. A better approach to welcome new followers is to ‘mention’ them directly in a group of one or more.

Ex: @searchdogmarket welcomes our newest followers - @thelady44, @socialkarma156, and @starbucksjunkie. Be on the lookout for Twitter exclusives!

2.    The Over Hashtagger 

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing this:

Ex. @searchdogmktg #follow #us #for #free #marketing #advice #TODAY!

Over hashtagging directly results in unfollows and a poor image in the eyes of your followers. Not only is this considered spam, it also shows an ignorance of Twitter etiquette that is a definite turn-off for your followership. Every word or the majority of words in your tweet should not be hashtagged. Here’s a great Twitter guide for business owners. Use hashtags to promote keywords related to promotions, contests, or hot-button topics.

3.    A Two-Way Street

Twitter should be a part of your company’s larger efforts to engage in two-way communication with your target market. Therefore, if a consumer makes a comment, negative or positive, about your company, products, or industry, you’re required to respond in some fashion. Too many businesses are guilty of creating social media websites and only conducting one-way communication, which is completely self-serving. Instead focus your efforts on a two-way approach that responds to consumer inquiry in a timely and appropriate fashion. Tweetdeck, a free, 3rd party monitoring and scheduling web based application, can create search panels to monitor mentions of your business, brand, and topics and topics related to your industry.

Who.Unfollowed.Me is another web-based tool that allows you to see exactly which of your followers unfollowed you. This is valuable information that can make all the difference in your company’s Twitter strategy. Use this information to see what tweets caused followers to leave your fold.





Some great points that everyone should adhere to. 
I have one Twitter follower who LOVES to create hashtags that really aren't keywords - just his own "cute" creations, which is really annoying.  
Thanks for these reminders!
Posted @ Wednesday, October 26, 2011 8:30 PM by Becky
This really answered my problem, thank you! 
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